The pig cough monitor was mentioned in a recent video of the Dutch TV channel KRO-NCRV. The journalist was absolutely overwhelmed by the possibilities of cough monitoring on pigs. SoundTalks is very proud that more and more farmers are becoming convinced that early detection of respiratory diseases really improves the farmers’ revenues.

SoundTalks was present at the Intensive Livestock Farming Days from 1 to 3 March, which took place in Venray, the Netherlands. SoundTalks met a lot of interesting people and business partners during this three day during fair.

Quote: "SoundTalks provides algorithms for monitoring livestock’s health status using sound. It’s delivered as a plug and play package containing a portable shock and waterproof hardware platform to process audio in real-time, and distress monitoring software and a SoundTalks microphone. The package allows the user to start overseeing herds’ respiratory health in less than 5 minutes."

Recent trials have made it very clear what computer monitoring can achieve. An early warning system consisting of a microphone and algorithms can detect respiratory issues several days earlier than a producer or vet can. Trials all over Europe can confirm this.

A chill pig is a delicious pig. The quality of pork can be improved by reducing the stress level of pigs. SoundTalks strives for a sustainable meat production with the SOMO respiratory distress monitor for pigs.